Excursion Prilep

One of the most interesting cities in Macedonia, bursting with culture, history and unique nature.



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Excursion Prilep

In the excursion Prilep we will visit one of my favourite cities in Macedonia. The "tobacco city" has a rich history of more than 2500 years, and there are remains of different eras and civilizations. The rich history, the cosiness and unique landscape of the area, make this city a must-see in Macedonia.

We depart from Ohrid and drive towards Bitola. Before Bitola, we will drink a cup of coffee in a family restaurant. We then continue our journey to Prilep.

Treskavec monastery

When we arrive in Prilep, we will first visit the mystic Treskavec monastery. Built in the 12th century, it lies at 1100 m above sea level and has an astonishing view. On our road to the monastery, we will see unique stone forms, only seen in this region.


From the monastery we will go to the city center where we will have a walk through the city and sit down for a delicious, traditional Macedonian meal. You will see the cozy turkish bazaar and the famous buildings of Prilep, like its clocktower and mosque.

Markovi Kuli (King Marko's towers)

Last, but not least, we will pay a visit to King Marko’s towers. The fortress was built by King Marko in the 13th century and sits on top of the hill above Prilep. From here you can see the whole city and area around it. King Marko definitely had a great taste. Be sure to not forget your photo camera.

Book this unique day trip to Prilep and get to know this charming city in Macedonia. Vik Experience, a better way of travelling.

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Don't forget to bring:

Good walking shoes

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