Day trip Albania

Explore Albania and its culture with this day trip to Albania from Ohrid. With this excursion, you will get a good impression of Albania.

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Day trip Albania

Explore Albania and its culture with this day trip to Albania from Ohrid. Most excursions from Ohrid to Albania are around the lake or to Tirana. In this excursion, we will go inland and explore the sharp contrasts of Albania.

We will visit two Albanian cities

After we cross the border, we will first stop for a coffee break in Pogradec, Albania’s sole city on the Ohrid Lake. After, we will go for a short walk around the market.

From Pogradec we will drive to Korca. Korca is a major city in Albania with abundant history. We will go for a longer walk through the city and we will see huge contrasts between rich and poor, new and old. Nowhere else have you seen such big contrasts packed in a small area as in this city.

And an Albanian village

We end up visiting a small village where we will visit a granny to see how she lives and an authentic old house where you can sense and see how life in Albania used to be in the past. For some people life still is this way.

Beautiful nature

Passing alongside Prespa lake, we go through National Park Galicica back to Ohrid. We will have stunning views on Lake Prespa and Lake Ohrid and we will stop several times, so you can take breath-taking pictures.

A day trip to Albania with Vik Experience

At the end of our visit, you will have a perfect impression of modern day Albania its culture and its unique history. See two countries in 1 holiday with our diverse excursion to Albania.

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