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Day trip Bitola from Ohrid

Bitola is a unique city in Macedonia. No other city has its building style and its way of life. In this day trip to Bitola, we will visit its most interesting places, and we discover its secrets.

Through National Park Galicica, along the Prespalake, we will drive to Bitola. We will visit the ancient city of Heraclea, the centre of Bitola and the costume museum.

Heraclea Lyncestis

Heraclea was founded around 400 BC by Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. For a thousand years, it was the main strategic city in the region. Only 12 % of the city has been excavated, but several important buildings and magnificent mosaics have already been uncovered.


The city of consuls, second-largest city of Macedonia. Known for its unique renaissance / baroque style buildings, Bitola was the capital of the European Ottoman Empire during their occupation. Kamal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish state, attended military school in Bitola.

Costume museum, Prespalake

Once, a man with passion for folklore, started collecting traditional costumes as a hobby. Now that man has the biggest collection in the Balkans. It might not sound as the most exiting museum, believe me you will be surprised. The man gets no government support at all, but has been running and expanding his museum for nearly 20 years. His motivation? Pure love and passion for folklore. That’s why this museum is a must-see for everybody.

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