4 Village tour

In the 4 village tour, we are going to discover how the Macedonians live and what their culture is like. We will visit four completely different villages in the Struga municipality.

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4 village tour

Would you like to see how Macedonians live and how Macedonian culture is? Then the 4 village tour is the excursion for you. We will visit 4 completely different villages and pass through three more. You will see how all ethnicities in Macedonia live and I will tell you about the positives and negatives that affect their daily life in Macedonia.

An almost abandoned village

First we will go to a small village high in the mountains. It’s almost completely abandoned, but possesses a very special place that we will visit. We will visit a house and meet some of the few locals that still live in this village, and drink coffee together.


Taking a beautiful route through the mountains, we continue our trip to the second village, Vevchani. Along the way, we will pass through another village, and we will stop, so you can take some nice pictures. Vevcani is famous for its springs and unique local culture. We will visit the springs, take a walk through the village, and have a delicious, traditional Macedonian meal.

A relocated village

After Vevchani, we will continue our journey to a village, which is a completely different village than the first two. This village, like many villages in Macedonia, has been relocated for specific reasons. I will tell you all about it, and you will understand better how difficult life used to be in the past.  We will find out how the people live while taking a walk in the village.

We save the best for the last

Our fourth village will be, again, a completely different village than the previous three. Be ready for a surprise.

At the end of the day you will have a perfect impression of what Macedonian villages look like, how people live their daily lives, what goes through their minds, and of Macedonian culture. Book the 4 village tour, and enjoy a cultural day with Vik Experience. Vik Experience, a better way of travelling.

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Don't forget to bring:

Good walking shoes

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