Boat trip Lake Ohrid

If you want a relaxing day on the water, this is the excursion for you.

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Boat trip Lake Ohrid

If you want a relaxing day on the water, this is the excursion for you. Enjoy our boat trip on Lake Ohrid and visit the Bay of Bones, Trpejca and the monastery of Saint Naum.

The Bay of Bones

We depart by a small boat from the beach in Eleshec and we sail to the bay of bones. We will stop there, so you can visit the museum and see how life was in this settlement from 1200 BC. The guide will tell you everything about this special place and you will have the chance to shoot some amazing pictures.


After visiting the Bay of Bones, we will continue our boat trip and head towards the Macedonian Saint-Tropez, Trpejca. In Trpejca we will have a cup of coffee and a stroll through the village. You will see how the people live and you can make some very nice pictures from a viewpoint.

The Monastery of Saint Naum

We continue to the monastery of Saint Naum. Here you can go on rowing boats to visit the biggest springs that feed the lake. When you get back from the springs, you will have some spare time to visit the monastery and the tourist shops, if you would like to.

A delicious Macedonian grill

We depart from Saint Naum and sail to a small place where we will have a delicious Macedonian grill. There will be different types of meat, salad, desert and unlimited drinks. Of course, we take vegetarians into account, they get an extensive vegetable grill. Please indicate in advance that you are a vegetarian.

Swim on a private beach

We head back towards Trpejca where we will stop on a private beach. You will get a chance to swim and relax on this lovely beach. We get back on the boat and sail back to Elesec while enjoying music and drinks.

An enjoyable and relaxing boat trip on Lake Ohrid with Vik Experience.

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