2 day excursion to Bitola, Prilep and Krushevo

Vik experience takes you to this beautiful area with lots of interesting things to see. A perfect excursion for everybody who loves culture, history and nature.

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We depart from Ohrid and drive towards Bitola. Before Bitola, we will drink a cup of coffee in a family restaurant. We then continue our journey to Heraclea.


Heraclea was founded around 400 BC by Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. For a thousand years, it was the main strategic city in the region. Only 12 % of the city has been excavated, but several important buildings and magnificent mosaics have already been uncovered.


The city of consuls, second largest city of Macedonia. Known for its unique renaissance / baroque style buildings, Bitola was the capital of the European Ottoman Empire during their occupation. Kamal Ataturk, founder of the Turkish state, attended military school in Bitola.

Treskavec monastery

When we arrive in Prilep, we will first visit the mystic Treskavec monastery. Built in the 12th century, it lies at 1100 m above sea level and has an astonishing view. On our road to the monastery, we will see unique stone forms, only seen in this region.

Marko’s towers (Markovi kuli)

Last, but not least, we will pay a visit to king Marko’s towers (Markovi kuli). The fortress was built by king Marko in the 13th century and sits on top of the hill above Prilep. From here you can see the whole city and area around it. Be sure to not forget your photo camera.

We start our second day with a walk through the city. We will see the old bazaar, monuments, statues and the famous mosque and clocktower of Prilep. After our walk, we will head towards Krushevo.


Meckin Kamen

When we arrive in Krushevo, we will first visit the monument of Meckin Kamen (Bear’s Stone), which symbolizes the Ilinden uprising in 1903 against the Turks. It all started in Krushevo, they even had their own republic, for the week it lasted…


We go to Krushevo, with 1350 m above sea level, the highest town of Macedonia. Krushevo is a small town, rich in history. The most popular spot in Macedonia for paragliding, and also popular with lovers of nature and winter sports.

We will explore this beautiful, picturesque city and have a nice traditional Macedonian lunch.

We start driving back towards Ohrid and 45 kilometers from Krushevo we will stop for a Lord of the Rings moment.


Peshna cave

With dimensions of 16.8 x 52.4 meters, this is the biggest cave entrance in the Balkans. Do you remember our buddy King Marko, whose fortress we visited in Prilep? King Marko made a house for his sister Peshna at the mouth of the cave. Later the cave was named after her. We can still find the remains of the house there today. A masterpiece of nature and a must-see in Macedonia.



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