Vik’s barbecue at sunset

Vik Experience предлагает Вам возможность поужинать в месте с потрясающим видом на Охридское озеро и насладиться прекрасным закатом.



Тип тура

Dine& Wine



€ 22

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Vik's barbecue at sunset

With Vik's barbecue at sunset, Vik Experience offers you the possibility to have dinner at a location with a stunning view on Lake Ohrid and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Beautiful view

You will be picked up by car and brought to our house. The sun goes down and you have a view from 900 meters on the entire Lake Ohrid. While enjoying a drink, we eat a delicious meal. Everything is made fresh for you on the spot.

Delicious food

We give you the opportunity to eat traditional Macedonian food (3 courses), not in a restaurant, but at my place. Enjoy the delicious Macedonian food, with a real Macedonian family.

A great evening

We will show you how the food is made and you can help preparing it, if you wish so. It will be a very pleasant evening and you will not want to go back to your hotel. But alas, everything comes to an end. But don’t worry, you can book this evening many times over.

Treat yourself to a wonderful night out with delicious food at sunset, in the most beautiful location of Ohrid. Vik's barbecue at sunset takes dining to a new level.

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