Swim & Dine at sunset

End your day with a boat trip, a swim and a snack and drink at sunset.



Тип тура

Dine& Wine



€ 33

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Swim & Dine at sunset

During the day there is plenty to do in Ohrid. In the evening, the diversity of activities is more limited. So join us for an evening with the Swim & Dine at sunset. Ideal if you want to do an activity that does not take up your whole day.

Swim & Dine on a private beach

Unique at Vik Experience is the Swim & Dine at sunset. You will be picked up and taken to the boat. We get on the boat and sail to a quiet private beach. You can swim here undisturbed while something delicious is prepared for you.

Food, drink and party

We eat at sunset and enjoy the beautiful nature around us. We make it cozy with each other and some music and sail back.

A night out with the Swim & Dine from Vik Experience.

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