Прогулка в горах

Мы должны оставаться в форме даже во время отпуска. У Vik Experience есть идеальное решение для Вас – прогулка на свежем воздухе с потрясающими видами.

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Прогулка в горах

We have to stay in shape during our holidays. Vik experience has the perfect solution for you: a healthy walk in Galicica National Park with beautiful panoramas around you.

Old village of Kojnsko

We will depart from a village, at 1100 m. The village has seen better times, as it’s almost completely abandoned. Kojnsko has a beautiful view on Lake Ohrid, but several problems have made the people leave. You will hear what happened to the village as we walk through it. You can take pictures of a scene that you won’t find in Western Europe easily.

Through Galicica National Park

While enjoying the view of Lake Ohrid and the surrounding mountains, we will hike through Galicica National Park. Every year, Galicica attracts many tourists because of its diverse qualities. Mountaineers, hikers, jeep safaris, paragliding and many more enjoy this beautiful park. Our route is located at the foot of the mountain and is more accessible to everyone.


At the end of our hike, we will arrive in the beautiful village of Elshani. In contrary to Kojnsko, Elshani is very much alive. We will walk through the village, and you can see how the people live. Then we will go to a house with a beautiful view on the lake, where we will have a cup of coffee.

Afterwards, we descend to the lake and you will be brought back to your accommodation. The walk in the mountains will be around 11 km.

Nature, a beautiful view of Lake Ohrid and the surrounding mountains, villages and a healthy walk. What more could a person wish for? Prepare your camera and your good walking shoes, and let's go!

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Удобную прогулочную обувь.

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