Остров пеликанов

Данная экскурсия будет интересна всем, независимо от возраста. Вас ожидают потрясающие природные ландшафты, от которых дух захватывает, а также встреча с братьями нашими меньшими.Так что, если Вы любите природу и животных, данная экскурсия для Вас.

Tue. and Sat.


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Остров пеликанов

The day trip to Pelican Island is great for young and old. If you enjoy nature and want to see a unique landscape and lots of animals, the Pelican Island excursion is the excursion for you.

Galicica National Park

We go through Galicica National Park to Lake Prespa. We make a stop at 1700 m on Mt.Galicica to take some beautiful pictures of lake Ohrid. If we are lucky, we might even spot a wild animal in Galicica. But even without animals, the rich flora of the mountain will keep our eyes busy.

Lake Prespa

Along Lake Prespa, we stop in Stenje to have a cup of coffee. We continue our trip towards a small fishing village, from which we will depart by boats to Pelican Island. On our way to the island, we will see plenty of birds around us. Among them, many of the approximately 2000 pelicans present on Lake Prespa.

Pelican Island

On the island, we will first have lunch. After lunch, we will take a stroll on the island and enjoy the animals, nature and buildings on it. On the island, we can find remains of buildings from different periods and civilizations, like Roman houses and early Christian churches. The guide will try to find all animals for you to see, including the viper.

After we get back from the island, we will stop again at Stenje and you will have a chance to swim in Lake Prespa.

All isolated islands have unique flora and fauna, so does our island. Book your trip to Pelican Island and enjoy a day in nature. Vik Experience, a better way of travelling.

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